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Affordable Housing: Out of Reach? We don’t think so and work to ensure that you can quickly and accurately, and most importantly - without the extra financial costs, obtain an affordable housing in New York under the Mitchell-Lama program, as well as under other subsidized housing programs (optional).

Thousands of New Yorkers make unsuccessful efforts to obtain an apartment in the houses included in the Mitchell-Lama program every year, but after spending a lot of money, time and nerves, they stop without coming through the first, albeit the most difficult barrier on their way to their dream.

We offer a ready-made solution. Our mission is to help you to prepare and submit your application. Further, we monitor the consideration of the application and ultimately help you to overcome this barrier successfully, namely, to take the necessary steps to put you on the queue for affordable housing in New York, in your chosen housing complex that best suits your needs and at the same time to protect you from not only domestic problems, but significantly reduce the process of processing the necessary documents and interviews, help you to avoid mistakes, and, finally, save your time and money.

In New York City, 101 housing complexes are being financed from the city budget, which is part of the rental housing stock and housing stock of co-ops with limited equity. This is almost 46,000 apartments designed for people with low and middle income. Another 21 residential complexes have been jointly controlled by HPD and the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Our Company has all the up-to-date information on the priority lists and knowledge how these lists are managed.

We presume that you are a busy person, so we release you from the need to constantly monitor information about the waiting lists advancement, confirm your participation and the validity of your application. You only need to fill out the feedback form on our website. All other necessary actions our Company will do for you!

Nota bene: We do not provide these apartments, but we help correctly, quickly and responsibly prepare documents for your participation in the Program, in full compliance with the established requirements, track the progress of your application in the queue and the last, but not least, pass the interview successfully. These apparently easy but highly nuanced steps ultimately lead to obtaining your apartment under the Program.



The Full Database

We keep our fingers on the pulse of the latest updates and follow-up the housing options available within the Program framework!

An extensive network

Thanks to longstanding professional relationships with authorized organizations, we can rely upon expert opinion in all related issues. Our years working in a non-subsidy governmental housing have enabled us to adopt an open-minded and accomplished approach.

Solution-oriented customer service

No matter what the situation, we will ensure that you reach your goal efficiently, meeting all of your requirements along the way and as soon as possible. Integrity and confidentiality are our top priorities.

We will always keep you informed ahead of time of our undertakings and next steps, the reasons therefor.


In order to ensure the best possible support, we will not only familiarize ourselves with your housing expectations but also with your professional environment and your field of work so that to find the place that fits your housing preferences and your lifestyle the most.



Needless to say, you do not have time to waste. You see requirements and you feel like you are able to qualify? Hesitating? Any questions?

Well, all you have to do before we proceed is just make sure you meet the general qualifying conditions as follows. You are a middle-income resident interested in affordable housing, both rental and co-operatively owned? Are you are interested in obtaining affordable housing, both rented and co-operative? That’s it.

Don’t hesitate to contact us by filling the Lead Form in. We will process your data and contact you shortly. These apparently easy but highly nuanced steps ultimately lead to obtaining the coveted apartment under the Program!