Housing program

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What is the process of electronic registration / How to apply / What are the services of our Company?

  • Fill out the feedback form on our website. Our representative will be back to you shortly to clarify all the necessary details and identify those residential complexes that you are interested in. Our company will do the rest!
  • We will check our databases to sort Mitchell-Lama residential complexes with open to see if there are any houses in them that you are interest in.
  • Then we will contact the managing agent of a particular complex or complexes that you are interested in to clarify all the necessary details.
  • We take care of all the routine correspondence with each residential complex because a separate application has to be submitted for each complex.
  • At the same time, we can send your applications for apartments in several complexes. Mitchell-Lama apartments are sold or rented on the basis of the priority lists that are maintained for each complex. Many priority lists of Mitchell-Lama Program are closed: there are already enough applicants who want to occupy apartments which are going be vacated soon.
  • We monitor the current information on the availability of housing in a particular complex. Periodically, priority lists for these residential complexes become open, and the new applicants are included in them according to the lottery principle. When the priority lists for Mitchell-Lama complexes are open again, relevant announcements are published. To learn more about application process, follow the information on our website!

Are you eligible to participate in the Program?

Mitchell-Lama subsidized housing complexes have certain requirements for eligibility for participation in the Program; they set limits on the level of income, the size of the family and the area of ​​the apartment. In addition, special constraints are set for each housing complex.

What is the maximum level of income that allows participation in the Program with regard to the corresponding housing estates?

Limitations on the maximum level of income for participation in the Program are different with regard to different housing complexes, depending on the source of funding.

  • If the residential complex receives subsidies from federal sources, the adjusted annual income of the applicant’s family, taking into account the size of the family, should not exceed the income limits of the relevant Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Program for the area where the residential complex is located.
  • Our Company has up-to-date information on current income restrictions with respect to complexes from a rented fund subsidized from other sources.

Will you be evicted if your income exceeds the established level?

An applicant whose adjusted household income exceeds the maximum level for participation in the program can be accepted provided that additional rent is paid (if applicable) in the following cases:

  • A family consists of three or more people, and the adjusted income does not exceed 125% of the maximum income level. Adjusted income does not exceed the average income level established by the HUD, taking into account the size of the family and the area in which the residential complex is located.

Does our company gain access to your personal data?

No, it does not. You yourself provide all personal data, as well as information related to your business and income, in person at the time of the interview.