Housing program

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We help to minimize not only the time you spend, but also your expenses in relation with your participation in subsidized housing programs.

We charge only for those services that are really needed to achieve your goal. You can calculate your future expenses in advance. We work transparently.

The evidence shows that if you earn $ 100 per day or above that level, it makes sense to assign an agent with preparation of your documents and follow-up. Registration of documents on your own does not help to save money, and certainly does not help to save time, especially given that an unpredictable amount of time will be spent on finding the needed info, and, which is especially important, reliable information, including via Internet. Besides, the organizations involved in the process do not work at week-end, which is for many of you are the only days of the week that you can dedicate to participating in the Program. Plus, the transportation costs money and, of course, your nervous cells, which, as you know, are never restored. Is it necessary to add to this that the result of solo attempts is not guaranteed? Well, you understand everything yourself.


So, consultation by appointment, including everything you need to know about the Program; answers to questions

$30 $25



Group / person

Your registration in the Register of Applicants for Housing and in the Queue


Enables the applicant to receive online information about new addresses, lotteries and other news on affordable housing programs

Issuance and payment of contracts


Providing you with the housing contract for self-filling by the Client


Filling the contract with registration in the Register of Applicants and initial setting in the Queue

Annual (once a year) confirmation and update of your current position in the Queue


Keeping and processing postal correspondence of the applicant

  • Translation of incoming correspondence;
  • Writing and sending responses to letters from social and government authorities.


Visit to your place when needed


Also we checking the credit and criminal history of the applicant and provide customer escort during the interview for the apartment.

Filling out the contract for participation in the free lottery program of affordable housing Mitchell-Lama


in 1 lottery


in 3 (for each)


in 5 (for each)


in 10 (for each)


more than 10 (for each)

Assistance in processing documents for obtaining credit cards, personal consumer loans, business loans, improving credit history - by agreement

Translation and assistance in medical examination - by agreement