Housing program

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When it comes to keeping you updated on the latest news and research in housing opportunities in NYC, our Company delivers everything you need to know. Our publications with evidence-based information offers insight and reflections from people just like you who have found affordable apartments in NYC.

See how long and exhausting but not paying off, can be attempts to get onboard and progress to an interview stage. Learn the stories of two of our clients whose names we do not disclose. The rest can be seen from the documents attached (photos are placed below). We only note that Vasya and Petya did everything right, but even minor inaccuracies while preparing documents, led to such a disappointing result as a formal response of the authorized organization. Well, in fact, all the efforts made are in vain.

All apartments undergo special preparation for your entrance, including sanitary treatment and repair if necessary.

Our newsletter features monthly cases and interviews, allowing you to stay current with our stories and news in the car, at the gym or wherever you enjoy listening to podcast episodes.